Lilly gets herself off with red vibe

Published on January 14, 2011
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This is another quite hot and nice orgasm video with Lilly from The Female Orgasm. This time she's going for it with a little red vibe, doggy style! She's got lots of random contractions as she goes along, but later the regular ones kick in.

You'll love the expression in her face as she rolls over onto her back after the orgasm - she looks quite satisfied, doesn't she? :-)

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Alexa has two strong g-spot orgasms

Published on June 28, 2010
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Alexa loves having sex with girls as they know better how to satisfy a female, but she says that there's no substitute for a rock hard cock to stimulate her g-spot when it comes to achieving the most intense orgasms. Watch as Ryan gives it to her missionary and she comes so hard that her eyes roll back! Two times!

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Recommended: Hands On Orgasms

Published on April 13, 2010
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If you love watching women having real orgasms and like the idea of mans hands (and toys of course) playing with them and giving them very intense orgasms, then Hands On Orgasms is a great site for you. There are tons of sites full of girls faking it out there, but on Hands On Orgasms they make it a point to make sure the orgasm is real and really visible. These women are not faking anything, you can literally see the contractions of their pussies!

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Cumming three times in a row

Published on April 08, 2010
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Here's another sexy babe cumming at The Female Orgasm. This time it's sexy 20 year old Michelle, and she has three intense orgasms in a row in this solo magic wand session. Her pussy got all wet and juicy!

Watch her cumming three times in a row!

Jamie's first real squirting orgasm

Published on March 10, 2010
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When it comes to squirting orgasms, Kream is the best. She started to stroke Jamie's g-spot, and after a short while it all broke loose and Jamie had an intense squirting orgasm for the first time in her life. Kream then gave her some hints and Jamie was able to make her cum too.

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